An eye for an eye

The first time we met, I saw straight into your eyes for it was my habit. You looked straight back into mine and nodded.

My lessons in eye contact began as a child. My teachers, parents, and friends saw defiance burning in my brown depths. In my head, I was looking at them with the fierce innocence of a child who still didn’t understand the rules of right and wrong. You can naturally understand my confusion of being taught to maintain eye contact when speaking the truth versus constantly being told to look away. In my later years, people went on to label my gaze as intense. Frankly, I preferred that label over defiance.

I made my choice as a child to leave the interpretation of my gaze to the listener. In all my years of looking into people’s eyes, I’ve learned that people presume a number of things with the way you look at them. I’ve been told that I was easy to talk to, warm, genuine, friendly, open, and most important, that I really listened. Do we all make that mistake of thinking…

Meet this green-thumbed Miss Manners

Here’s a woman with impeccable language, a colourful wardrobe, quirky accessories and a tinkling laugh. She’s a perfect picture of poise and feminine grace. Her sweet smile is further defined by the different shades of lipsticks painted on. An aunt’s gift of a shocking pink tube in her three-year old hand led to a lifelong love for lipsticks. She’s guilty of being a lipstick collector with an exclusive collection to match her every mood.
That tube of lipstick was the only element of feminine charm her mother allowed her to keep. Her mother was a fierce-willed woman who chose to grow her third daughter as a strong, academically inclined child. There weren’t any extra-curricular activities and her toys were the tools in the kitchen while watching her mother work. She laughs as she says, “I think my mom was trying to get me through life while also getting life through me.” Her training for a poker face began young. Her mother constantly reminded her that the world wasn’t a place for the n…

Meet Mr. Customer Delight

Introducing entrepreneurial poster child. His lessons in extraordinary customer service, patience and understanding people began very young. He started offering electronic services for a price in the neighbourhood when he was fifteen. He has since started three more successful entrepreneurial ventures, for all things printed to perfection; for boutique wedding invitations and for smooth, stress-free wedding planning and execution. To him, all customers are the same, be it an immensely popular celebrity, or, a father looking to make his daughter’s dream wedding card. Don’t let this man of few words throw you off-balance. Stunningly creative, he is a great listener who talks when necessary at a decibel that is extremely polite. He is completely self-taught and is a big fan of long drives, good leadership books and flights of imagination.

Extempore musician

She is an 18 year old who has professionally honed her interest in Carnatic Music. She has been training since she was three years old. At 13, a difficult portion of a song made her practice until perfection. She practices six hours a day and has invested herself in becoming pitch perfect and bringing depth to her music. Equally excelling in her studies at PSBB Millenium, Gerugambakkam, she is set to begin a Bachelors in Economics from Ethiraj College. Although an introvert, she says music allows her to express herself best. She loves the Manodharma style which brings out the knowledge, creativity and technique of an artist. She is proud of her rendition of Bhavayami Gopalabalam, and during her free time can be seen practicing her Hindi diction for she is fascinated by traditional Hindi music. She shares, “Music resonates when there is humility because we are learning something new every day.”

Meet chic and fabulous

She is a firecracker and incredibly passionate about life, jewellery, shopping and food. When we land at Delhi, the first thing we look forward to, is feasting on Aunty’s exquisite gourmet meals. We’ve travelled the world and still haven’t found food as sumptuous and fulfilling as a meal cooked by her. She has aged very gracefully and hasn’t lost her spirit, zest for life or sense of style. We respect the old world charms of her discipline and rules. She has a very big heart which has known no boundaries when it comes to expression. If we were to use just one word to describe her, it would be celebration – of life, food, and relationships.

Meet family guru

His big build earned him his “Giant” status in the family, and his soft and saintly disposition has got him his nickname “Paramatma”. We’ve never left his presence without feeling calmer and happier. He’s a familystress buster who constantly reminds us of our priorities in life. We believe Aunty has her very own laughing Buddha good luck charm as Uncle is always wearing a radiant smile. This Gentle Giant is the most loved member of the family and an icon of peace and happiness. If we had to use just one word to describe him, it would be harmony -in life, work, body, and soul.

Meet eccentric girl who loves words

Great at conversations, she is naturally curious and is known to ask casual questions to break the ice. A closet fitness enthusiast, she loves the energy from stories, words and ideas. She enjoys learning languages and speaks fluently in four Indian languages. She loves to experiment with food which keeps her a few pounds happy. Her space is usually filled with quirky things and checklists which is testimony of her belief that there is method to madness.